Ramp PDSA cycle #2 Re-Education of MyChart

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TKilloren onto PDSA Cycles
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SNoyes This is great! What type of tool are you utilizing for MyChart Education? Is there a standard tool or did your team create a custom tool?
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SThurmond Looking forward to your updated run chart!

PDSA Cycle 2

SMART* 90 Day Goal: (Period 2, Jan-Mar 2017) Within 90 Days 65% of our patients will be educated and active on my chart

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Here is our updated Run Chart on patient/parent participation in the Pre visit/mychart survey.

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PVarghese onto RUN CHARTS
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gdellal Hi Prigi - Great progress.  It is fantastic to se your data displayed over time.  I noticed that you have set goals very granularly (differenct goal each day).  Typically we choose...
mseid Hi Prigi - eager to hear how this is going now. Do you have updated results to share?
PVarghese Hi Michael, unfortunately we stopped surveying our families after January/Feb. So we can get the project started :)  here are our survey results!  

Here is our updated run chart regarding getting families signed up on MyChart.

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This is our PDSA ramp so far. we are still collecting data for the 1st cycle.

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PVarghese onto Pre Visit Planning

This is an update on our first PDSA cycle- which was a mixture of a whole lot of things! We are planning on continuing surveying our patients until the end of January.

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PVarghese onto Pre Visit Planning
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SThurmond This is quite the mixture and a lofty goal! I know a couple of years ago, the clinic here at Cincinnati Children's made a similar effort and also found that they needed a dedicated resource to...

From the BMJ blog: "

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MyChart Re-Education: Percent of patients re-educated per week.

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TKilloren onto Run Chart
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kzeribi What a nice example of a measure that can be tracked weekly in a run chart to see progress towards some of the process goals.  Did your team test a new idea to account for the increase from...

Great process map of the process that University of Nebraska Medical Center is testing for pre-clinic planning with patient priorities.  Thank you for sharing this with us!

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DBenitez This looks amazing!
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DBenitez This looks amazing!
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SThurmond What a fantastic tool to share! I used this as an example of great things that are being shared in a communication with the network's Stakeholder Advisory Committee. Keep it up!
WGore This is amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Seattle Children's Data Entry PDSA Cycles

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