Fall 2016 CF Community Conference


Dear CF Community,

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Spring Community Conference, where we will celebrate successes to date and challenge ourselves to do even more to improve care processes, outcomes, and the way patients and families engage to improve CF Care. The objectives for the Conference are outlined below.

  •  Illustrate core quality improvement skills from the Fall Community Conference and subsequent webinars (e.g. writing aim statements, using time series charts, and running ramps of PDSA cycles).
  • Show advances and effective changes from Core Curriculum areas introduced at the Fall Community Conference (i.e. pre-visit planning, co-production, & data quality/ timeliness)
  • Build advanced quality improvement skills, especially with the regards to interpreting data using statistical process control charts.
  • Expand the CF program improvement team with shared leadership among people with CF, their family members, and their healthcare providers.


Best regards, 

The CF Community Conference Team

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